Solitaire Masks & Crowns by Tiger Torre Art

Simplicity in Solitaires,        
           Aristocracy in Crowns…

These Dominos are very simple, one color masks.
There's the Bandito, a somewhat low slung oval mask that works with some hats,
and can be a pirate, a bandit, a hero, or the dastardly villian of your choice.
Then there's the Caper, designed to fit under all hats, and sits just around the eyes.
This small mask can be the hero, the villain, or a mystery; it's involved in the caper somehow!

Black Bandito Mask
Red Solitaire Mask

Bandito ~ Black ~ $45
Caper ~ Red ~ $40

Blue Solitaire Mask
Black Caper Mask

Caper ~ Blue ~ $40
Caper ~ Black ~ $40

The Crowns are designed to sit just above the brow line, and can be easily worn with glasses.
The four main designs are represented below, Spire, Scroll, Leaf and Wave.
The Crown designs can be made in ANY variety color, finish, and internal pattern.
The stock on these rotates often; check the In Stock page to see what's on hand at the moment.

Spire Crown
Scroll Crown

Plain Spire Crown ~ Red ~ $50

Plain Scroll Crown ~ Blue ~ $50

Leaf Crown
Wave Crown

Plain Leaf Crown ~ Green ~ $50
Plain Wave Crown ~ Purple ~ $50

Basic Crown Pricing
Plain: one color, no decorations: $50   
Fancy: base color, decorations: $60-$65

Spire Crown
Scroll Crown

Fancy Spire Crown ~ Purple ~ $60
Fancy Scroll Crown ~ Green ~ $60

Leaf Crown
Wave Crown

Fancy Leaf Crown ~ Flowers ~ $65
Fancy Wave Crown ~ Sea Colors ~ $60

Scroll Crown
Spire Crown

Fancy Scroll Crown ~ Moons ~ $60
Fancy Spire Crown ~ Fire ~ $60

Wave Crown
Leaf Crown

Fancy Wave Crown ~ Pink ~ $60
Fancy Leaf Crown ~ Ivy ~ $65

Mask Hangers are available in silver and brass for $2 each.
To place an order, please e-mail Tiger with the name of the piece(s) you are interested in.
If the piece is in stock, it can ship quickly. If not, one can usually be made to order.

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